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Contact: Mica McCullough, Executive Director

MainStreet Hammonton


Downtown Hammonton Invites Locals to ‘Save Some Coin’  and Support Local


Hammonton, NJ – February 15, 2024 – Downtown Hammonton is buzzing with excitement as

it launches a pilot program aimed at boosting foot traffic and supporting the local business

community. From February 15th through March 17th, visitors to Downtown Hammonton have

the exclusive opportunity to participate in a unique initiative designed to ‘save some coin’ while

exploring the vibrant local scene.


Mica McCullough, Executive Director of MainStreet Hammonton, explains the genesis of the

program: “We launched this initiative as part of our February Third Thursday event, themed

around ‘perfect pairings’. By teaming up businesses located on opposite sides of Downtown

Hammonton, we’ve crafted a special experience for our visitors.” Participants can pick up

custom wooden coins from any of the twelve participating businesses, which can then be

redeemed for exclusive discounts or special offers at their ‘perfectly paired’ sister business.

“This pilot program is particularly exciting because it was born from an idea brought to us by a

local business,” says McCullough. “Thanks to the support of the Atlantic County Office of

Cultural and Heritage Affairs, we were able to bring this vision to life”


The program, initiated by Makers Handmade, aims to gauge its effectiveness in increasing foot traffic.
McCullough adds, “If successful, we hope to expand the initiative beyond the initial twelve businesses
and beyond the one-month trial period.”


Eileen Unger, Economic Vitality Chair of the Hammonton Revitalization Corporation,

underscores the importance of supporting local businesses: “Supporting our locally-owned and

small businesses is critical to the economic success and overall thriving of our vibrant downtown

community. This program is the perfect way to patronize your favorite local businesses, save

money and support our downtown– who knows, maybe you’ll even find a new favorite shop

in the process.”


Participants are encouraged to pick up their custom discount coins (with purchase) at any

participating business and redeem them at their partner business by March 17th, 2024.

Additionally, participants will be invited to provide feedback through a brief survey when they
redeem the wooden coin, helping to shape future initiatives.

Participating pairs are:

  • Makers Handmade (300 12th St.) and Exit 28 Boutique (210 Bellevue Ave.)

  • Forged Soul Fitness (103 N. Egg Harbor Rd.) and Four K Nutrition (14 Central Ave.)

  • Annata Wine Bar (216 Bellevue Ave.) and Three 3’s Brewing (50 13th St.)

  • Chimney Rustic Ales (15 Horton St.) and Bruni’s Pizzeria (303 12th St.)

  • Inspire Me Boutique (8 Central Ave.) and The Hair Lounge at Studio 21 (23 Central Ave.)

  • Antiques Trading Post (111 12th St.) and The Shoppes on Bellevue (128 Bellevue Ave.)


For more information on MainStreet Hammonton, upcoming events, ongoing programs and how

you can get involved, please visit .

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